Product Design


My Role
Product Designer

Artifakt is a Platform as a Service (Paas), created by Aymeric Aitamer.

Their goal is to help developers deliver and maintain their code easily all the while offering modern Cloud infrastructure to power our customer's business.

Aymeric, the CEO, contacted me for the rebranding of their documentation, so we have made a workshop to identify good practices from competitors (the documentation of qonto, payfait, heroku, netlify algolia…)

The scope was to rebrand all theses pages in responsive design (mobile & desktop) : 

  • Home Page
  • Category Page
  • Article Page
  • Contact Page

The big challenge of this mission is to help users with relevant language (not systematically tech one) in order to be audible by everyone : accessibility first !

A good structure, consistency between the user flow and good copywriting is the key to build a great user experience.

We have made a kickoff meeting with the Product Manager in order to discuss the product roadmap of the semester and have iterated with feedback users.

I’ve followed the design thinking process and the scrum methodology to achieve this project.