Product Design


My Role
Product Designer
10 days

Klee is a consulting company created by Thibaud Viala  in 1988, which reached out to me on Malt , a freelance marketplace, for a tender. My goal was to help them with UX Strategy at scale : I have had to write design specifications for 2 projects from the company EDF (gas and electricity firm) and ENGIE (firm which operates in the fields of energy transition, electricity generation and distribution, natural gas, nuclear, renewable energy…)

The first project was the redesign of the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) which could reduce commercial costs with selfcare automation for EDF.

Here is the brief : 

  • Integrate UX in the roadmap and the public product strategy 
  • Integrate a project organized in SAFE, agile methodology and raise skills of the team, and key stakeholders in the UX process
  • Challenge KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and raise awareness on user interviews and benchmark 
  • Create trust between stakeholders between functional stakeholders and technical stakeholders
  • Support the team with change management and project specifications
  • Define the UX KPIs
  • Plan & organize the UX process and activities 
  • Plan & animate workshops and field visits 
  • Define good profiles between stakeholders that will fit with the scope of the solution and their activity
  • Design a repository for ergonomy and accessibility 
  • Ensure hand-off and follow-up of quality with the development team
  • Integrate UX tools in a  project improvement loop 

The second project was the redesign of admin gate for Enedis : they wanted to get a UX centric approach with users from the Information System. 

A consulting design team, “Design by Enedis” will help them to redesign an Information System used by companies to manage power consumption of their parks.

Here is the brief : 

  • Understanding of challenges faced by the company
  • Make hypothesis to the deploy a UX process to follow and understand actual context and evaluate the level of maturated of teams in terms of UX
  • Describe the UX methodology that you want to integrate, how to run activities and identify deliverable 
  • Provide a Product Roadmap of use cases
  • Describe the organization that you would implement to answer to that mission, accurately describe roles and responsibilities, and moreover the profile(categorized by the market profils)
  • Describe the operational setup that you would implement with your team in order to answer all the requirements of the mission, including the whole interactions with the team and with EDF team

This experience was very interesting for me because I really enjoyed UX strategy and writing specifications deserve a high level perspective.