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Nifty Clip

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Product Designer
Web Designer
1 week

Nifty Clip   is a video studio created by Vincent Jacques.

Their goal is to help podcasters to promote their content with trailers.

My role was to create the very first landing page because developers have worked for the Minimum Viable Product so I have shaped the Minimum Viable Branding.

We made some workshops in order to determine the style, moreover we compared with competitors in order to create an original value proposition.

As you can see on the project, I have put some of my podcast covers because Vincent get in touch with me thanks to my Podcast Hemisphere Droit, he needed some examples so I voluntarily put some of my personal work (because of confidentiality issues with other creators).

Do you know my french Podcast Hemisphere Droit ?  I have interviewed the top 1% of the french Product Designers.

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