Product Design


My Role
Brand Designer
Product Designer
2 weeks

The World Union of Jewish Students is a non governmental organization : the central, global, democratically elected Jewish Student leadership network, led by students for students. WUJS serves as an umbrella organization, uniting and representing independent Jewish student associations working in over 50 countries around the world.

I realized this project in collaboration with Esther Bocobza. Our client is Jonathan Braun, the President of WUJS. 

The goal of our mission was to redesign their website and renew their brand identity with strong values.

In order to achieve it, we have conducted some workshops with the whole team and voted for some styles (colors, fonts, typography, moodboard)... You will find attached the link of our presentation for the brainstorming

We have worked with the Scrum methodology and have iterated with the client (sprint model) to make sure that  the mockups will fit their needs and satisfy the whole team.

We have improved the graphical style and the user experience of the website (Artistic Direction, Rebranding, UX/UI Design).