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Product Design


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Product Designer

LinkCy  is a neobank incubated in Station, founded by Mathieu Bottausci and Romaric Bouxin in 2019.

My role at LinkCy was to create all the Minimum Viable Product.

When LinkCy called me, they were a small team looking for fundraising, they only described what they wanted and I organized some workshops in order to understand their needs. I proposed some features and then we’ve walked through the building process of the user flow.

When we validated all the paths of the user, from the first subscription, to the exchange between cryptos / euros (for french customers) and the full aggregator. 

I want to specify that the design is not exhaustive, naturally I didn’t push all the screens, in order to respect some non-disclosure agreement.

As you can see in the presentation, first I created the minimalist branding, with the logo, fonts, colors and then I’ve designed the app. We worked in Scrum in order to integrate their feedback and validate features one by one.

It’s been a very significant project in which I developed both my artistic skills (User Interface) for the graphic identity and ergonomic skills (User Experience).